Exotic Car Autocross Challenge

Drive and race a Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari through an AutoCross course. You can choose which car you’d like to drive at the event. Our courses are the largest in the country so you can go as fast as you want to go for maximum fun (approx. 1/4 mile per lap). We also offer extra laps at the event for those who want to upgrade.

PRICE: 6 or 10 Laps. 

Starting at $199

Exotic Car Driving Adventure

Drive 3 of our exotic cars, each car for 30 minutes. Passengers are allowed with drivers at no additional charge (must be at least 9 years old).

PRICE:  3 Cars for 90 minutes of driving

Starting at $499

Rally Car Challenge

Drive multiple climate-controlled, rally cars on dirt roads through challenging off-road courses.


Starting at $299

Drive The World’s Most Exciting Exotic Cars

Choose your high performance Exotic Auto Experience and embark on a course that leads you through straightaways and twisting turns.  Cars will range from the makes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and more.  Want to be a passenger?  No problem!  Either way…get ready for the ride of your life.